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  • Imp Note : Due to Pandemic Worldwide

  • Yoga Alliance has Approved the Yoga Teacher Trainings to be held Completely Online till 2023.

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized Provider of Online Teacher Trainings till 2023

  • There is No Difference between In-person and Online Trainings , Even on Certificate

Suitable for All Ages & Levels of Practitioners

  • Our Youngest Student is 14 and Oldest 70 years of age

  • What's your Excuse ?

Your Life is too short and Valuable to waste on a boring desk job that you don't like!

  • Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher                            

  • Transform Your Career , Health & Lifestyle

  • Learn, Practice and Teach the Science of Holistic Wellness YOGA

  • Discover & Explore new Depths in your life and yoga practice,

  • SSV Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Authorized) is 

  • Both a Five Star-Rated Professional Training Program and

  • Powerful  Transformation course.

Dear Future Yoga Teacher/Student

  • Make a Career & Lifestyle Change that you have always been Dreaming of !

  • At SSV Yoga , we help Transform Students into Yoga Teachers

  • Inspire & Create a Positive Change in your Community and your Own Life.

  • If Don't want to teach ,then Learn and Deepen your Yoga Practice

  • Transform your Life completely

  • Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually

  • It’s Best Time to Learn, Practice & Teach Yoga from Comfort of your Home !

Why Should I Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher?

Rated 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Yoga Alliance

  • Create an Impact 

  • Forget Boring & Unfulfilling Jobs and give a real purpose to your life.

  • Yoga teaching offers Meaning and Purpose to your and your students Life.

  • Help students achieve Flexibility, Strength, Relive Stress and Restore their Health.

  • Become a Respected Leader in your Community. 

  • Freedom:

  • Live life on your own terms.

  • Teach online or choose from studios, gyms or fitness center.

  • Lot of opportunities to teach in schools, medical facilities and sports clubs as well.

  • Vibrant Peer Group 

  • Have a vibrant peer group that is

  • Health oriented, passionate about learning and adventurous.  

  • A positive peer group will help bring out the best parts of you.

  • Amazing Career Opportunities 

  • CNN ranked ‘Yoga Instructor’ as one of the top 10 career on list of top 100 jobs 

  • Median pay of around $ 50-75 per hour

  • Great demand than supply of qualified yoga instructors making it an amazing career option

  • Adventure & Travel 

  • Becoming a Certified International Yoga Teacher

  • Gives opportunity to travel around the globe.

  • Teach on cruise ships, yachts, health resorts and 5 star hotels.

  • Great opportunity to work and an excuse to travel around the globe.

  • B​e Your Own Boss / a freelancer.

  • Setup own classes, workshops, retreats or open a studio.

  • Complete freedom to choose your own path.

Featured SSV Yoga Graduates

Rated 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Yoga Alliance


Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Rated 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Yoga Alliance


  • Authentic & Traditional Hatha Yoga (Foundation for all other yoga styles)

  • Modern Vinyasa Flow Yoga

  • Detailed How to Do ,Correct Alignment & Adjustment for ALL Poses (V.imp For Safe, Efficient Practice & to Avoid Yoga Injuries)

  • Modifications & Use of Props for ALL Poses (V.imp to make Classes Accessible to all Levels of Student)

  • Art of Teaching Poses Correctly (Cueing, Sequencing and Transitions)

  • Benefits & Contradictions of each Pose

  • Guided Practice Integrated with Breath & Counts

  • Suitable for all AGE group & LEVELS of practitioner


  • Correct your Body Posture

  • Relieve Pain and Stiffness

  • Improve Strength, Stamina, Flexibility & Boost Immunity

  • Manage Stress & Anxiety

Yoga Asanas(Poses)


  • Ancient, Authentic & Traditional Yogic Breathing Techniques (7(rarely taught correctly in depth elsewhere)

  • Detailed How to Do, Technique with counts , ratios 

  • Breath Of Fire, Ocean Breath, Yogic Breathing , 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Humming Bee Breath, Solar Breath, Lunar Breath

  • Sanskrit Names for Yoga Breathing Techniques

  • Integration of Breathing Techniques in Life & in yoga practice

  • Science of Effect, Benefits & Contradictions (Physical & Subtle Body)

  • Guided Practice of Breathing Techniques with Counts, Ratios

  • Energy Locks Intro (Bandhas)

  • Yoga Mudras (Hand Seals / Gestures)


  • Breathe Correctly -Yogic Breathing & Utilize Lungs Efficiently

  • Manage Stress & Anxiety through ancient Yogic Breathing Techniques

  • Unlock Dormant Pranic Energy Flow (feel Energized and Boost Immunity)

  • Western Yoga Anatomy

  • Major Body Systems & their functioning

  • Anatomy (Major Bones, Joints & their movement, Muscles involved in asana practice)

  • Yoga Anatomy of  Feet, Knee, Hips, Pelvis, Shoulder, Spine 

  • Joints Mobility , Stabilization & Strengthening Exercises

  • Avoiding Injuries - Shared Alignment & Contraindication Principles

  • Functional & Applied Yoga Anatomy

  • Anatomy breakdown of Different Asanas / Postures

  • Eastern Yoga Anatomy

  • Subtle Yoga Anatomy 7Chakras, Nadis (Subtle Energy Channels), Prana (Vital Life Force),Vayus, Koshas

  • Subtle Yoga Science & Secrets

  • Understand how body works (Yoga Perspective)

  • Applying subtle yoga anatomy principles in life and yoga practice

Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Breathing Techniques)

Yoga Philosophy &

  • Meaning & Concept of 'Yoga' as per traditional yogic texts 

  • History & Timeline of Yoga 

  • Different Pathways of Yoga 

  • Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga

  • Different Styles of Yoga

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

  • 8 Limbs of Yoga ( A guide to be a yogi in real life)

  • Philosophy of 'Karma Yoga' from Shri Bhagavad Gita (Guide to live a happy & spiritual life)

  • Incorporate Ancient Yogic Principles Practically to live a Happy & Healthy Life

  • Intro to Ayurveda (Science of Healing)

  • Ethics & Yoga as a Profession

  • Sequencing, Pacing, Cueing, Class Environment & Class Management

  • 50 Sample Class Sequences to teach

  • How to be Great Teacher & Lead a Great Class

  • Overcoming Fears & taking first steps as Yoga Teacher

  • Time Management Skills & Sequencing a Complete Class

  • Demonstration, Observation & Correction

  • Real Teaching Experience

  • Personalized Feedback & Review

  • How to start your own yoga studio / classes

  • Finding Your first Clients 

  • Landing Job as Yoga Teacher

  • Marketing Tips & Strategies

  • Tips from Marketing Experts

Becoming a Teacher


  • Ancient, Authentic & Traditional Yogic Meditation Techniques  

  • Guided Practice & Downloadable Teaching Scripts

  • Experience Yoga Nidra meditation ( Deep Meditative State)

  • Experience Practical Benefits

  • Remove Blockages (Mental & Emotional)

  • Yogic meditation Healing (Physical & Subtle Level)

  • Increased Awareness

  • Discovery of Mental Peace, Inner Calmness & Happiness

  • Manage Stress & Anxiety

Yogic Meditation

IS Online Training for Me ?

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized provider of Online Yoga Teacher Trainings till 2023 

  • No difference between In-Person and Online Yoga Teacher Trainings even on certificate

  • Initially before the start of pandemic we never believed that yoga training can be taught online

  • But with over 2 years of experience in conducting Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

  •  Having  Graduates worldwide (45 + Countries & 6 Continents )

  • We can confidently answer 'YES'

  • Flexibility - Ability to do your yoga training and get your certification along with 9-5 Job 

  • No need to Leave your Job ,kids or other commitments to get away for a month long in person training

  • Self Paced- No pressure to complete your training within 3 weeks.

  • Take your own sweet time for your yoga training journey

  • Option to watch videos and practice as many times you want

  • Create and Go at your own Pace and Schedule

  • Mobility - All you need is just an Internet Connection and

  • Practice anytime and from anywhere in the world

  • Easy on The Pockets - Quality In person training cost excess of  $3500,

  • Get same content and certification at a cost-effective price 

  • Who Will Correct Me ?

  • Full Support - We provide 3 Tier Student Support , so you never feel left out

  • Optional Zoom Live Classes (Weekends) always recorded for reference

  • Support via Email

  • Option to send photos , videos for evaluation for personalized feedback

How Your Training Journey Works

STEP 1: Start by Filling Up Application Form

  • Start with Application Form by filling out relevant details.

  • You will receive Acceptance Email with details within 1-7 Hours of application

  • Check your Inbox for email if not then look in spam / promotions/ junk folder or contact us for status update

  • You can then Pay to complete your registration.

  • Once paid you will get detailed email with information including

  • Access to Platform - Course Videos, Notes, & class schedule


Alternate to Step 1 

  • As an Alternative to Step 1 

  • You could Directly PAY & Register to Start your Course

STEP 2: Start Your Yoga Training Journey

  • After Payment & registration you can start with your Yoga Training immediately.

  • Complete your course within 6-8 Weeks or take till 2023 end to complete course, assignments & final exam .

  • Classes will be mix of Pre-recorded videos and Optional Zoom Live Guided Practice , Q&A sessions.

  • All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Step 3Graduation & Certification

  • To receive the widely recognized Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Yoga Teacher certificate

  • Complete your course, assignments and also submit video teaching as a yoga teacher for final exam.

  • Complete course within 6-8 Weeks or take till 2023 end to complete course, assignments & final exam

  • On clearing your exam you will get certificate in PDF format and you are a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • With the certification you can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher


  • Upon Successful Completion of the Course & Exam Evaluation 

  • You will receive a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate (Pdf Format)

  • There is no difference between In person and Online Certification 

  • You can Register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 

  • Teach as a professional certified yoga teacher all over the world.

In ADDITION to Yoga Teacher Certification you will also get

  • SSV Yoga Ayurveda Level-1 Certification

  • (If you choose Diamond / Ruby Plan)


  • For Ruby Plan (Details of All Bonus Plans Below Course Fees)

  • Get Online 300-Hr-Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (FREE) with 200 Hr

  • So you become Certified 500 Hr Master Yoga Teacher

  • 500 Hr Yoga Teacher (Highest Designation you can get as yoga teacher with a Yoga Alliance authorized school)

*Bonus scheme applicable since 1 Jan 2022

Click to find our Yoga Alliance Profile

Course fee


  • Investing in your OWN Self

  • Health , Lifestyle, Career & Professional education

  • Is  Best Investment Decision you can make in your life.

  • Most graduates earn-back their tuition within a few weeks of teaching as a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • The health and lifestyle benefits are Life -Changing


  • *This Yoga Instructor Training Course costs a lot more physically,

  • Due to solidarity with current world situation we are offering once a lifetime opportunity to do online version at discounted prices.(See Prices in Table Below)


  • Note*: There will be separate evaluation charges of USD $65 for evaluation of final exam.

1 Day free Trial Available
Earnings calculator
Note : NOT a "Cheap" Course
  • The Quality, Efforts and Experience of Teachings

  • Reflects in the price of our Professional training courses.

  • "Price is what you pay and value is what you get".

  • Get Authentic & Premium content and learn from the best.

  • This is not just another cheap course but a life & career changing 'INVESTMENT'.

  • So Invest wisely today to transform your Career, Health, Lifestyle tomorrow.


  • Students & Graduates across 6 Continents & 45+ Countries

  • Read our AUTHENTIC  Graduate Reviews and learn about their life transforming experiences

Note -Sales Finishes this WEEKEND
Yoga Pose


Includes Online 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 

 $ 1̶4̶0̶0̶

(After Sales)   $ 900

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 450 Each

3 Installment USD $ 370 Each

Image by Oksana Taran


Includes Online 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 + Bonus Pack 2

 $ 2̶1̶0̶0̶

(After Sales)   $ 1400

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 700 Each

3 Installment USD $ 500 Each

4 Installment USD $ 400 Each

5 Installment USD $ 320 Each

Image by Dane Wetton


Includes Online 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 + Bonus Pack 2+ Bonus Pack 3  + Online 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (FREE)

 $ 3̶0̶0̶0̶

(After Sales)   $ 2100

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 1050 Each

3 Installment USD $ 700 Each

4 Installment USD $ 550 Each

5 Installment USD $ 450 Each

Coupon Code: YOGATEACHER2023

Imp Note -

  • Installment are due on monthly basis

  • You can start course on payment of 1st Installment

  • Option to  prepay Installment with no penalty or extra charge.

Read About Bonus Plans Below :

* New Bonus Plans effective since 1 JAN 2022 

Bonus Plans
Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

Bonus Pack 1


  • Restorative Yoga Class

  • Yin Yoga Class

  • Chair Yoga Class

  • Power Vinyasa Yoga Class

  • Intro Ayurveda (Ancient Science of Life)

  • 50+ Free Ready Class Sequences to teach

  • Free Yoga Instructor Resume & Cover letter Templates

  • Yoga Marketing Consultancy

  • Free Sample Waiver of Liability

  • Free Sample new Yoga Client intake & health history form

  • Chance to win SSV Graduate+ Exclusive Mentor-ship Program 

  •  Full Bonus Pack 1 included (In addition to) :

  • AYURVEDA Level 1 Course with certification  

  • CHAKRA Therapy Course 

  • STRESS & ANXIETY Management Course (Yoga &Ayurveda perspective)

  • PERSONAL CERTIFIED MENTOR to guide and support you through the course


  • Personalized AYURVEDA CONSULTANCY with expert 

  • 3 Exclusive* Live Zoom sessions with teacher where you can ask any questions you have regarding any posture , personalized attention / feedback correction of posture and teaching guidance 

Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

Bonus Pack 1+2+3


  • Full BONUS Packs 1 & 2 included (In ADDITION to) :

  • 1 Free Personalized Yoga WEBSITE DESIGNING 

  • Total 5 Exclusive* Live Zoom sessions with teacher where you can ask any questions you have regarding any posture , personalized attention / feedback correction of posture and teaching guidance 

  • 25 % Discount on all the SSV Yoga online courses 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Course & Updates

  • Best VALUE Pack / MOST SUBSCRIBED (Recommended)

Note -Sales Finishes this WEEKEND

Note : Students who are dedicated and have good conduct throughout the course will get chance to make it to Elite Students List and win free 3 Days Yoga Retreat Costa Rica and Exclusive Internship Opportunities to teach with SSV Yoga 

Date & Schedule

Date for Upcoming Online Multistyle 200 hours YTTC

Sample Schedule 

  • The course is Self-Paced i.e

  • Make your own schedule and practice at your own pace & convenience.

  • It will not be fully recorded ,

  • Optional Zoom Live Guided Practice & Interactive Q&A Doubt sessions (On Weekends)

  • Always recorded in case you miss or for future reference

  • Full Student Support ( Via Live Weekend Sessions + Email )

  • Course Duration is 6-8 Weeks but you have option to complete the course till 2023* end

(Note*: 2023 completion date is applicable for students who joined after 1 Jan 2022)