Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance USA Approved Course 

Due to the ongoing crisis worldwide Yoga Alliance USA has permitted to conduct Yoga Teacher Training courses fully online and consider all the delivered classes whether live or pre-recorded as CONTACT HOURS till 31st December 2021"

Course Overview


Whether you want to become a Certified International Yoga Teacher or simply uncover new depths in your yoga practice, SSV Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance USA certified)  is both a first-rate professional training program and a powerful transformational course.

It’s Best Time to Learn & Teach !


Dear Future Yoga Teacher/Student ,

If you are a passionate yoga student and dreaming of a life full with meaning, freedom and adventure, then becoming a yoga teacher might be the next step on your journey.Make a career change that you have always been dreaming of! At SSV Yoga , we transform students into yoga teachers who can inspire & create a positive change in their communities and their own life. If not yet ready to become a yoga teacher ,then deepen your yoga practice and transform your life ( Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spirtiually).

Innovative Curriculum

      What will you learn 

In depth study & practice of Asana (with proper Alignment, Breath work, benefits and contradictions of the postures)

Learn most popular styles of today i.e Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow & Classical Hatha Yoga

Understand principles of Yogic Anatomy and Asana

Learn Adjustments & Modifications and use of Props to improve or modify a posture

Build Confidence through practice teaching as a yoga teacher

Gain a broader understanding of Yoga History and Yogic Philosophy

Advanced Breathing Techniques (Prāṇāyāma), Bandha (Energy Locks), Mudrās (Hand Seals) & Meditation (Dhyāna)

Learn the subtle facets of yoga that are rarely taught in the West

Learn Authentic Yoga from Himalayan Yogic Tradition / Lineage



Why to be a Certified International Yoga Teacher?

  • Create an Impact Forget boring desk jobs and give a real purpose to your life. Yoga teaching offers meaning and purpose to your life. Help students achieve flexibility, strength, relive stress and restore their health. Become a leader in your community.

  • Amazing Career Opportunities CNN ranked ‘Yoga Instructor’ as one of the top 10 career on list of top 100 jobs with median pay of around $ 72k / year. There is a great demand than supply of qualified yoga instructors making it an amazing career option.

  • Freedom: Live life on your own terms. Teach online or choose from studios, gyms or fitness center. Lot of opportunities to teach in schools, medical facilities and sports clubs as well.

​ Or be a Freelancer and be your own boss. Setup own classes, workshops, retreats or open a studio. Complete freedom to choose  your own path.

  • Adventure & Travel Becoming a certified international yoga teacher opens up opportunities to travel around the globe. Teach on cruise ships, yachts, health resorts and 5 star hotels. Great opportunity to work and an excuse to travel around the globe.

  • Vibrant Peer Group Have a vibrant peer group that is health oriented, passionate about learning and adventurous.  A positive peer group will help bring out the best parts of you.

Featured Students Testimonial

How Your Training Journey Works

STEP 1Application & Acceptance

Start with completing your Online Application. Once accepted and registered, you will get detailed information including platform details, Reading List Manual & recommended yoga props.

STEP 2: Reading Assignments / Home Study

Once registered, you can start with your recommended Readings List , Notes & Classes. Your reading list is designed to give you a deep understanding of the yoga asanas, to help you understand movement, breath, anatomy and yogic lifestyle. You don’t need to read them cover-to-cover, you’ll have select sections for references—and the rest is up to you.


STEP 3Online Immersion (LIVE / Self- Paced at-home)

The 3-week Online Immersion serves as the backbone of the course. We have 2 Asana sessions daily (always recorded in case your schedule doesn’t fit). Sessions cover ashtanga vinyasa, hatha yoga, alignment & adjustment, anatomy, use of props, modifications, meditation, pranayama, teaching practice and much more.

Step 4Graduation

To receive the widely recognized 200 Hr certificate you must attend your classes (live or recorded), practice, complete a written exam and also submit video demonstrating your skills and knowledge while teaching a yoga class. Test also involves continuous assessment of your behavior and conduct towards other students, teacher and the school.

Once tests have been evaluated and approved you will get your well-deserved certificate making you eligible to be registered as Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Complete Self-Paced course till 30 DEC 2021



Upon successful completion of all the lessons and final assessments , you will receive a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate making you eligible for registration with from Yoga Alliance USA as a RYT (registered yoga teacher) and you can teach as a professional yoga teacher all over the world.

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Course Fee

Investing in your own education is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Most graduates earn-back their tuition within a couple of months of completion.


*This comprehensive course is priceless, but due to solidarity with current world situation we are offering it for price starting* from  € 540 (LIVE) . Apply COUPON CODE for special offers while filling application form.

Payment Plans Available 

Note : Students who are dedicated and have good conduct throughout the course will get chance to make it to Elite Students List and win free 3 Days Yoga Retreat Costa Rica and Exclusive Internship Opportunities to teach with SSV Yoga 

Date & Schedule

Date for Upcoming LIVE Online Multistyle 200 hours YTTC


Sample Schedule ( Europe & USA Time Zones)

All the Live sessions will be Recorded, so if you cannot attend or if it is too late in your timezone, classes can be made up.

You can study and practice at your own pace & can complete the course till 31 Dec 2021.

Batch 1( GMT+1) Europe Feb 2021

Batch 2 USA / Canada Timezone ( EST, CST & MST)  FEB 2021

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