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Online Yoga Class
Online Yoga Class

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Why Learn from SSV Yoga ?

SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance certified International Yoga School having students across 6 Continents & 45+ Countries with roots in Himalayan yogic tradition dedicated to impart the knowledge, skills and teachings of ancient yoga masters and authentic science of Yoga & Wellness to its students worldwide.

The courses & classes at SSV Yoga are designed as a complete and transformational. Come and Experience a unique life transforming experience where spirituality ,yogic practice , lifestyle and true inner self can be explored and realized.

✔Learn Authentic Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama ( Breathing) Techniques

Learn yoga from Himalayan Yogic Tradition

✔Learn and explore yoga beyond asanas

✔Explore the deeper and subtle aspects of yoga rarely taught elsewhere.

Classes Includes

✔Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow 

✔Hatha Yoga 


✔Pranayama ( Advanced Yogic Breathing Techniques) 

✔Relaxation Techniques 

20 Online Zoom LIVE sessions with the teachers of the course per month.

✔Recordings not available ( Only Zoom Live Yoga Classes)

Note : Medium of Instruction would be English

Featured SSV Yoga Reviews

Classes are for YOU if :

✔You want to Balance and Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul

✔Increase your Flexibility, Core Strength & Boost Immunity 

✔Improve Posture & Learn How to Breathe ( Pranayama)

✔You want inner calmness , happiness and peace (Meditation & Relaxation Techniques)

✔You want accountability & discipline in doing your daily yoga practice 


Investing in your own health , happiness & self  is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. 


*The classes are priceless, but due to solidarity with current world situation we are offering it for great discount USD $ 115 per month. Contact US to know about class timings ! 

Date & Schedule

Sample Schedule 


Different Slots available Morning & Evening Time USA & Europe time. Contact US For more info !

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