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SSV Yoga Reviews

Rated 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

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 Hear what our Students & Graduates have to say about their wonderful, life & career changing experience with SSV Yoga.

Many graduates (Certified Yoga Instructors) have started teaching as yoga instructors after their certification with SSV Yoga

SSV Graduates Video Reviews
Graduates Success Stories

Having done another teachers course before I joined the SSV self paced teacher training course because I wanted to learn more on the philosophy of Yoga and understand each style of Yoga more in depth. I am happy to say that the course has exceeded all my expectations! All teachers are lovely, vey patient and very helpful. Through everyday practice for the past four months now I have seen a huge difference in my mind and in my body. I am stronger both internally and externally. The fact that there is the option of a self paced course to me was ideal because I took my time to really absorb everything I was learning. With the right guidance from the teachers I have managed to unlock many skills in my body and in my practice. I feel much more confident as a teacher and ready to spread the wonderful gift of Yoga throughout the world.

I would recommend this course to everyone. Teachers and students who want to expand their knowledge and experience the magic of Yoga!

Thank you SSV Yoga for the knowledge and the beautiful experience!

Savina, Greece 

(Yoga Teacher , Actress , Model , Singer)


Now Savina teaches in person and online yoga classes to students across the world after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga


“Becoming a yoga teacher was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but didn’t have the availability in my schedule to take an in-person course.

Taking it online with SSV was a blessing. I could complete the course on my own time and the value and knowledge provided by the school exceeded beyond my expectations. I learned so much more than yoga poses.

I learned about pranayama (breath-work), meditation, Ayurvedic principles, philosophy, and most importantly alignment. By finding the physical alignment in my yoga poses, I was able to take the information from my practice and apply it to my life. I began to clear the mental clutter in my mind and align to the values and principles that are important for me in my pursuit of my life goals.

The yoga teachers at SSV Yoga truly care about your learning and journey. I’m grateful for the continuing education they provide to the graduates of their program. I cannot say enough great things about them! If you’ve been thinking about learning more about yoga or becoming a teacher, take the course with SSV  Yoga. You’ll be glad you did. them trust you.”

Naira, Florida  USA 


Now Naira has now opened her own Yoga & Fitness Studio - Grip Life after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga

Elisa Italy.jpg

I’ m Elisa from Italy, and I started my 200 hr YA course with SSV in January ‘21.

I wanted to keep on with my practice and go deeper into yoga during lockdown, but I was perplexed with the online method…. But it worked perfectly!

The course was intense but I immediately realized that it would have changed my life…And it did!

My body got stronger, more flexible and now I can control it much better, I learned a lot of new asanas and alignment. I feel mentally more focused and flexible and emotionally more balanced.

I could approach also the yoga philosophy and learn its basic texts, anatomy and pranayama, everything perfectly explained: professionally and at the same time simple, with many examples from everyday life so to make it easily understandable

What I liked the most was the possibility of learning different style. I came from Hatha yoga, and it was very challenging for me the Ashtanga Vinyasa style. but now I can tell that especially thanks to this practice I learned a lot on myself and my limitations.

I’m now a yoga teacher, and I hope I can share the same learnings to my students with the same kindness and love as I received from the amazing teachers of SSV Yoga.

I’m very grateful to the Universe for the beautiful gift I received with this path on Yoga, many thanks to SSV and all its wonderful teachers.

I highly recommend it!


Elisa , Italy

(Yoga Teacher , Flight Attendant)


Now Elisa teaches in person & online yoga classes to students in Italy after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga

Carole France.jpg

I'm so grateful for the content of the 200h teacher training. I could follow at my own pace which was a key point for me with my job and my baby. I've learnt so much and improved my flexibility, strength and alignment in an safe and sustainable way. I'm feeling at peace with my body and have a much more easy approach about life and challenges. Learning to use my breath to support the movement is really something that I transferred into my daily life so thank you so much to all the SSV team for their kind words all along the way. I can't recommend enough

Carole , France

(Yoga Teacher , School Teacher)


Now Carole teaches in person yoga classes in park, studios and beaches and also organizes yoga & wellness retreats across Europe after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga

SSV Yoga Graduate Robby

It took me a while to really see the true value of yoga. I didn't quite understand what the practice was about.

The holistic approach of this ancient practice is undeniable. And now I couldn't imagine my life without it. It's not about how flexible you are, it's about the attitude we bring to our practice. Focusing on both mental and physical balance.
It has shown me gratitude, humility, endurance, strength, wisdom and so much more...

I decided to take a step to deepen my knowledge about yoga. This is how the universe (and a really dear friend) led me to SSV Yoga.

I want to thank them for the dedication, the beautiful teachings and continuous support! An exciting and valuable course that gives you the proper foundations to start your journey through this ancient practice!

Robby, Ibiza Spain

(Event Manager & Yoga Teacher RYT 200) SOURCE: Instagram

Robby has now started teaching yoga classes in person, retreats & online in Spain after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga

SSV Yoga Graduate Ori

I've been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, learning from here and there and during quarantine last year I changed the perspective of my practice. This change came with a lot of benefits and mindset. A few months later, this new way of seeing things helped me to decide to look for more knowledge and new experiences.

A friend of mine told me about SSV Yoga and their 200 Hr. YTT Course. After contacting them, I decided to join the course.

The complicated year wasn't off. I didn't have time enough for a course and my mind got tired after a year of ups and downs. So here is where good things came with the course: learning a new perspective, acquiring knowledge and having a guidance through what Yoga really is, helped me a lot and showed me the bright side of the things.

Thanks to the care and the motivation of SSV Yoga Team  , now I am teaching Yoga, my practice has a meaning, my body and mind know how to connect, and I am sure now that I have met an awesome team that I know I can count on them always.
Thank you for showing me a new path and teaching me inner growth.


Ori, Spain

(Criminology Student & Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Ori now teaches yoga classes online & at other yoga studios after become a Yoga Teacher Graduate from SSV Yoga. She also got an opportunity & teaches at SSV Yoga.

SSV Yoga Graduate Tandiwe

I had been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, I was mostly a weight lifter but knew the importance of good mobility. I had been using very basic postures to teach to the veterans that I was working with but didn’t really know what I was doing. All I knew was that I eventually wanted to teach it to others. I wanted other people to feel how yoga had made me feel.

I had looked for some time for a Yoga teacher training course and really struggled to find a quality one that I could afford. And then I found SSV Yoga. The course was far more than I ever could have expected. I feel completely transformed after doing this course and I cannot wait to share my yoga knowledge with others.

Namaste 🙏 😊

Tandiwe, London (UK)

Healthcare Worker & Yoga Teacher SOURCE: Instagram

Tandiwe now teaches yoga classes at yoga studios & to veterans in London after becoming Yoga Teacher Graduate from SSV Yoga

SSV Yoga Graduate Hayley
SSV Yoga Graduate Thays

Life changing experience on the most beautiful inner journey.

The 200 Hr YTT at SSV Yoga allowed me to travel inwards and discover things that I didn't know about my body and my life.

Starting from the outermost aspect of us towards the inside. Learning how to understand and control your body through the practice of asanas and working towards self-awareness. Using breath techniques to balance the body and the energy channels. Learning how to meditate and becoming your own best friend.

Through the ancient teachings of Yoga, you learn fundamental ethics and values that will guide you to the path of rightness. Such experiences that are going to change your life and how you see life.

I became more connected with myself and I started to understand my body and my emotions better.

These are life changing experiences that will guide you on the path of connection with your true self and finding your inner peace.
Thays , Sydney Australia 

(Data Scientist , Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Thays now plans to teach yoga classes and make it accessible in her community along with her job.

SSV Yoga Graduate Hayley

As a children’s yoga teacher I had an awareness around the many benefits of yoga. However my personal practice was very minimal.
I took this course to increase my knowledge but didn’t imagine it would be so in-depth.


I have now experienced the huge benefits myself and feel so much stronger both mentally and physically.
The connections you build with the team and other students is amazing.


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge SSV Yoga 😊

Hayley ,England

(Child & Family Psychotherapist, Social Worker,Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Hayley now along with children also teaches yoga classes to others and has her own yoga studio in England

SSV Yoga Graduate Yera

​I can only feel deeply grateful for this amazing opportunity. 
Personally I was interested in deepening my yoga knowledge that was very basic and now after all the experiences I really feel I want to become a Yoga Teacher and share all the amazing knowledge with other people.

I feel yoga is really a blessing in our life. I can only highly recommend SSV Yoga.

Forever my deepest gratitude to my teachers from SSV Yoga and the entire support team.You really impacted my life in a positive way and I'm sure many more lives around the world!

Namaste 🙏

Yera ,South America 

(Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Yera now teaches yoga classes online and in person after becoming a Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga


Listening to people's stories for the 2020 with most of them to name it as "waste of time", I can certainty say that 2020 was a challenging year for me as well, however, I'm from the lucky ones sitting on the bright side of the river as I learned so many new stuff, I went beyond and over my edges & fears, I learned to fall consciously, to be grateful for the simple things I have in my life and most importantly to be patient and take as much time as I need ⭐

A HUGE THANK YOU 🙏 to SSV Yoga and their team for the endless support & guidance. 
I highly recommend SSV Yoga if you want to transform your life in a positive way and deepen your knowledge into the yoga life journey 

A very big thank you to all my yogi soulmates around the globe that we met during the course and we created a beautiful community ❤ 👭 🌞

Eva, London, UK

(RYT 200 , Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Eva continues to practice yoga everyday and teaches online yoga classes after becoming Yoga Teacher graduate from SSV Yoga 

SSV Yoga Graduate Nadia

Yoga has been a part of my life for many years. In 2020 I had a deep calling to deepen my practice, but I had no idea how.

It was then that I saw the SSV Yoga Teacher Training course. And I just went for it. From the first to the last day my expectations were surpassed! The combination of practice and theory really showed me a different yoga than what I knew. The teachers were all super knowledgeable and helpful. And best of all, they helped me turn my practice into a lifelong commitment. Now I am in love with sharing this beautiful journey with others who might need it ❤️⭐️

I can wholeheartedly recommend SSV Yoga to anyone thinking of starting their yoga teacher journey, or anyone who just wants to deepen their practice. You won’t regret it.
Thank you SSV for this beautiful gift that is true yoga 🙏🏼
And my deepest gratitude and love to the best community I could ever hope for .

Nadia, USA

(Psychologist , Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Nadia is continuing her yoga practice and has started sharing her experience and teaching yoga to her friends and family.

SSV Yoga Graduate Jennie

I wanted to deepen my knowledge, & learn a different aspect of the practice both on & off the mat.

So when I found this wonderful opportunity with an online YTTC, of course I took the chance!!


It was the broad mix of knowledge - pranayama, meditation, asana practice- Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa, anatomy & philosophy - in the course that got my attention. And also to be able to do it all from home.

I can't tell you enough how grateful & happy I am for all the new knowledge I've got from SSV Yoga by taking their YTTC.


The course has been helpful to build a strong foundation for my yogic journey.

𝘕𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦 ❥⁣

Jennie, Sweden

(Baker, Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram

Jennie is now continuing with her yoga practice and is active on social media and hosts various yoga challenges with her friends regularly.

SSV Yoga Graduate Sandra.jpg

I've always wanted to deepen my yoga knowledge & practice to involve it in my daily life and also kinda dreamed about involving yoga  in my professional future life but always felt "too busy".

I felt like the whole global situation threw me back in life, in my personal growth... when I ran over SSV Yoga and just started intuitively the YTT with them. I was so happy to get to learn & practice with them & got even more happy as I saw growth within myself.

I've always been a very grounded & balanced person but like I said, what happened while pandemic took the ground underneath my feet & i felt kinda lost. I struggled so hard with meditation, even with savasana (which always been my fav pose) or also balancing asanas felt really hard to hold. After that whole "challenge" of YTT, it definitely helped me with my bodywork, flexibility, strength & so on but what was even more important for me in my current situation, to find my balance again, to feel grounded & grateful.
Thank you SSV Yoga for growing together ✨
Namaste 🙏  ✨

Sandra , Germany

(Visual Merchandiser, Yoga Teacher) SOURCE: Instagram


Sandra is now continuing with her yoga & meditation practice and plans to incorporate yoga in her professional career in future

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