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SSV Yoga
SSV Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training
SSV Yoga 300 Hr Teacher Training
  • Imp NoteYoga Alliance has Approved the Yoga Teacher Training to be held Completely Online 

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized School for both Online & In-person Teacher Training

  • There is No Difference between In-person and Online Training, Even on a Certificate

Featured SSV Yoga Reviews by Graduates



200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus (includes Ayurveda)


  • Yoga Asana Module
    Learn > Practice > Teach Anatomical, Alignment based approach (For Safe & Effective practice) Authentic & Traditional Hatha Yoga (Foundation for all other yoga styles) Modern Vinyasa Flow Yoga Bonus: Chair Yoga Training Learn to Practice and teach: 100 + Yoga Asanas across different styles with Description, Benefits & Contraindications of Asanas Detailed Step by Step :How to Do, Correct Alignment & Adjustment, Common Mistakes to Avoid, Breath Awareness (V.imp For Safe, Efficient Practice & to Avoid Yoga Injuries) Modifications, Variations & Use of Props for Asanas (V.imp to make Classes Accessible to all Ages & Levels of Students) Preparatory and Counter poses Art of Teaching Asanas Correctly i.e Step by Step: (Demonstration, Cueing, Breathwork, Modifications, Transitions, and Sequencing) Guided Practices Integrated with Breath & Counts Bonus: Guide practices for different yoga styles (Yin, Restorative, Chair, and Power Yoga) Suitable for ALL Age Groups & Levels of practitioner Benefits & Outcome Be able to Confidently practice & teach asanas (safely and effectively) (Step by Step) Correct your Body Posture Relieve Pain, Stress, and Stiffness Improve Strength, Stamina, Flexibility & Boost Immunity Manage Stress & Anxiety Enjoy all the benefits that come with mindful yoga practice
  • Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques) Module
    LEARN- PRACTICE - TEACH Ancient, Authentic & Traditional Yogic Breathing Techniques (8) (rarely taught correctly in depth elsewhere) Detailed How to Do, Technique with counts , ratios Breath Of Fire (Kapalbhati ), Ocean Breath (Ujjayi), Yogic Breathing , 3 Part Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan), Humming Bee Breath (Bhramri), Solar Breath (Surya Bhedi), Lunar Breath (Chandra Bhedi) Sanskrit Names for Yoga Breathing Techniques Integration of Breathing Techniques in Life & in yoga practice Science of Effect, Benefits & Contradictions (Physical & Subtle Body) Guided Practice of Breathing Techniques with Counts, Ratios Energy Locks Intro (Bandhas) Yoga Mudras Intro (Hand Seals / Gestures) Benefits Breathe Correctly -Yogic Breathing & Utilize Lungs Efficiently Manage Stress & Anxiety through ancient Yogic Breathing Techniques Unlock Dormant Pranic Energy Flow (feel Energized and Boost Immunity)
  • Ayurveda Module
    What will you learn ​ ✔ Introduction , History & Origins of Ayurveda ✔ Understand principles of 5 Elements (Panch Mahabhuta) with Ayurveda perspective (their qualities, actions and subtle energies) ✔ 3 Main Ayurvedic Doshas and their attributes (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) ✔ Learn Identifying your own Dosha and imbalances ✔ Important Herbs as per Ayurveda and their practical uses ( Immunity, Vitality & Healing) ✔ Process of Detoxification (Panch Karma) introduction as per ayurveda ✔ Advanced Breathing Techniques (Prāṇāyāma) & Mudrās (Hand Seals) from Ayurveda perspective ✔ 1 FREE Consultation with Ayurvedic expert ✔ Practical application of Ayurveda in your every daily life (Dincharya) ✔ Learn the subtle facets of Ayurveda that are rarely known and taught elsewhere ✔ Learn Authentic Ayurveda Principles from the real source i.e Himalayan Yogic Tradition.
  • Yoga Anatomy Module
    Western Yoga Anatomy Major Body Systems & their functioning Anatomy (Major Bones, Joints & their movement, Muscles involved in asana practice) Yoga Anatomy of Feet, Knee, Hips, Pelvis, Shoulder, Spine Joints Mobility , Stabilization & Strengthening Exercises Avoiding Injuries - Shared Alignment & Contraindication Principles Functional & Applied Yoga Anatomy Anatomy breakdown of Different Asanas / Postures Eastern Yoga Anatomy Subtle Yoga Anatomy 7Chakras, Nadis (Subtle Energy Channels), Prana (Vital Life Force),Vayus, Koshas Subtle Yoga Science & Secrets Understand how body works (Yoga Perspective) Applying subtle yoga anatomy principles in life and yoga practice
  • Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle Module
    Meaning & Concept of 'Yoga' as per traditional yogic texts History & Timeline of Yoga Different Pathways of Yoga Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga Different Styles of Yoga Patanjali Yoga Sutras 8 Limbs of Yoga ( A guide to be a yogi in real life) Philosophy of 'Karma Yoga' from Shri Bhagavad Gita (Guide to live a happy & spiritual life) Incorporate Ancient Yogic Principles Practically to live a Happy & Healthy Life Ayurveda (Science of Healing)
  • ​Becoming a Teacher Module
    Ethics & Yoga as a Profession Sequencing, Pacing, Cueing, Class Environment & Class Management 50 Sample Class Sequences to teach How to be Great Teacher & Lead a Great Class Overcoming Fears & taking first steps as Yoga Teacher Time Management Skills & Sequencing a Complete Class Demonstration, Observation & Correction Real Teaching Experience Personalized Feedback & Review How to start your own yoga studio / classes Finding Your first Clients Landing Job as Yoga Teacher Marketing Tips & Strategies Tips from Marketing Experts
  • Yogic Meditation Module
    LEARN- PRACTICE - TEACH Ancient, Authentic & Traditional Yogic Meditation Techniques (7) Guided Practice & Downloadable Teaching Scripts Experience Yoga Nidra meditation ( Deep Meditative State) Experience Practical Benefits Remove Blockages (Mental & Emotional) Yogic meditation Healing (Physical & Subtle Level) Increased Awareness Discovery of Mental Peace, Inner Calmness & Happiness Manage Stress & Anxiety

IS Online Yoga Teacher Training For Me ?

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized provider of Online Yoga Teacher Training  

  • No difference between In-Person and Online Yoga Teacher Training even on the certificate

  • Initially, before the start of the pandemic, we never believed that yoga training can be taught online

  • But with years of experience in successfully conducting Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • Having Graduates worldwide (45 + Countries & 6 Continents )

  • We can confidently answer 'YES'



  • Flexibility - Ability to do your yoga teacher training and get your certification along with 9-5 Job 

  • No need to Leave your Job, kids, or other commitments to get away for a month-long in-person training

  • Self-Paced- No pressure to complete your training within 3 weeks.

  • Take your own time to practice and learn for your yoga training journey

  • Option to watch videos and practice as many times as you want

  • Create and Go at your own Pace and Schedule

  • Mobility - All you need is just an Internet Connection and a laptop/tablet

  • Practice anytime and from anywhere in the world

  • Easy on The Pockets - Quality In-person training costs over  $3500,

  • Get the same content and certification at a cost-effective price 

  • Who Will Correct Me?

  • Full Support & Accountability -

  • We provide 3 Tier Student Support, so you never feel left out

  • Optional Zoom Live Classes (Weekends) always recorded for reference

  • Support via Email

  • Option to send photos, and videos for evaluation for personalized feedback

3 Steps to Become Certified Yoga Teacher

STEP 1: Application and Payment


  • You can Directly BUY NOW ( To start quickly ) or fill application form by clicking on APPLY NOW & then Register to Start your Course

  • ( Please use Google Chrome if you have problem in seeing form in Safari browser.)

  • On payment, you will get an email with information to access the course platform

STEP 2: Start Your Yoga Training Journey Course​ 

  • After Payment & registration, you can start your Yoga Training Journey immediately (minimum 10 min and maximum within 9 hrs of payment )

  • Classes will be a mix of HD Quality Pre-recorded videos, downloadable pdf notes Optional Zoom Live Guided Practice, and Q&A sessions.

  • All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Step 3Graduation & Certification

  • To receive the widely recognized Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Yoga Teacher certificate

  • Complete your course within 6-8 Weeks or take up to 2 years to complete course and final exam

  • Upon clearing your exam

  • You will get a certificate in PDF format and you are a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • With the certification, you can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher



  • Upon Successful Completion of the Course & Exam Evaluation 

  •  Get a 200-hour Multi Style Yoga Teacher Certificate (Pdf Format)

  • There is no difference between In-person and Online, even on the certificate 

  • You can Register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) 

  • Teach as a Professional Certified Yoga Teacher all over the world.

In ADDITION to 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Certification, you will also get

  •  With Gold Program ($ 720) 200 Hr + 7 Bonus Online Certification Courses ⬇️

  1. Ayurveda Level-1 Certification

  2.  Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification

  3. ✅ Chair Yoga Teacher Certification

  4. ✅ Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Certification

  5. ✅ Breath-work Teacher Certification 

  6. ✅ Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification

  7. ✅ Marketing and Business 101 Course for Yoga teachers with Certification


  • With Diamond Program ($1400) 200 Hr + 7 + 2 extra Certification Courses ⬇️

  1. ✅ 50 Hr Yin and Meditation Teacher Certification

  2. ✅ Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Certification


  • With Ruby Program ($ 2100) 500 Hr + (7 + 2) extra Certification Courses⬇️

  •  Become a Certified 500 Hr Master Yoga Teacher

  •  Includes 200 Hr Foundation Certification + 300 Hr Advanced Certification 

  • ✅ 500 Hr Master Yoga Teacher (Highest Designation you can get as a yoga teacher with a Yoga Alliance-authorized school)

  • Complete Details of All Bonus Below Course Fees

  • *Bonus scheme applicable since 1 Jan 2023


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  • Investing in your OWN Self

  • Health, Lifestyle, Career & Professional Education

  • Is the Best Investment Decision you can make in your life.

  • Most graduates earn back their tuition within a few weeks of teaching as a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • The health and lifestyle benefits are Life -Changing

  • *This Yoga Instructor Training Course costs a lot more physically,

  • Due to solidarity with the current world situation, we are offering once a lifetime opportunity to do an online version at discounted prices (See Prices in Table Below)


  • Note*: There will be separate evaluation charges of USD $65 for evaluation of final exam.

1 Day free Trial Available
Course fee
  • The Quality, Efforts, and Experience of Teachings reflect in the course

  • "Price is what you pay and value is what you get".

  • Get Authentic & Premium content and learn from the best.

  • This is not just another course but a life & career-changing 'INVESTMENT'.

  • Invest wisely today to transform your Career, Health, and Lifestyle tomorrow.

  • Students & Graduates across 6 Continents & 45+ Countries. 

  • Read our AUTHENTIC Graduate Reviews (with source) and learn about their life-transforming experiences

Note - Offer ends Soon
Yoga Pose


Includes Online 200 Hour Yoga   Teacher Training Course with (7 Add on Bonus Certification Courses) Bonus Pack 1 


(Special Sales Price)

 $ 720

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 362 Each

3 Installment USD $ 245 Each

4 Installment USD $ 184 Each

Image by Ale Romo


Includes Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (with Trauma Informed & Yin Training) + Bonus Pack 2

 $ 2̶1̶0̶0̶

(Special Sales Price)    

$ 1400

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 700 Each

3 Installment USD $ 473 Each

4 Installment USD $ 358 Each

6 Installment USD $ 240 Each

7 Installment USD $ 210 Each

Image by Dane Wetton


500 Hr Master Yoga Teacher ( Combination of 200 Hr Foundation Course+300 Hr Advanced 7 Styles Course) Bonus Pack 3 

 $ 4̶4̶0̶0̶

(Special Sales Price)   

$ 2100

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 1050 Each

3 Installment USD $  720 Each

4 Installment USD $  540 Each

5 Installment USD $  432 Each

6 Installment USD $  365 Each

7 Installment USD $  315 Each

8 Installment USD $  279 Each

9 Installment USD $  250 Each

10 Installment USD $ 227 Each

(Auto applied on checkout price)

Imp Note -

  • Installments are due on a monthly basis

  • You can start the course on payment of 1st Installment

  • Option to prepay Installment with no penalty or extra charge.

Read About Bonus Program Below :

Bonus Program effective since 1 Jan 2023

Bonus Plans
Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

GOLD PROGRAM - Bonus Pack 1 ($ 720)

Online 200 Hr Multistyle Yoga TTC

  • ✅ 7 Bonus Online Courses with Certification ⬇️

  1. Ayurveda Level-1(Foundation Course) with Certification  

  2. Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Course with Certification

  3. Chair Yoga Teacher Training Course with Certification

  4. Breath-work Teacher Training Course with Certification

  5. Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Course with Certification

  6. ✅ Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course with Certification

  7. ✅ Marketing and Business 101 Course for Yoga teachers with Certification

  • Bonus Resources ⬇️

  • Yin Yoga class

  • 100+ Free Ready Yoga Class Sequences to teach

  • Free Yoga Instructor Resume & Cover letter Templates

  • Yoga Marketing Consultancy

  • Free Sample Waiver of Liability

  • Free Sample new Yoga Client intake & health history form

  • Chance to win SSV Graduate+ Exclusive Mentorship Program

Bonus Pack 2 ($ 1400)

Online 200 Hr Multistyle Yoga TTC

  • All Gold Program Bonus Certification Courses (7) included 

  •                  +

  •  7 + 2 extra Bonus Online Courses with Certification ⬇️

  1. ✅ With Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Certification Course

  2. Yin and Meditation Teacher Certification Course

  • Exclusive Features (Diamond Program only) ⬇️

  • Lifetime Access to Course and Updates

  • 7 Chakra Balancing Course 

  • Stress & Anxiety Management Course (Yoga &Ayurveda perspective)

  • Personal Certified Mentor to guide and support you through the course

  • Personalized Yoga Marketing & Business Consultancy with Expert  

  • Personalized Ayurveda Consultancy with expert 

Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

RUBY PROGRAM - Bonus Pack 3 ($ 2100)

Online 500 Hr 7 Style Yoga TTC

  1. Classical Hatha

  2. ✅ Vinyasa Flow

  3. ✅ Chair Yoga

  4. ✅ Restorative Yoga

  5. ✅ Yin Yoga

  6. ✅ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

  7. ✅ Power Vinyasa

  • ✅ All Gold Program + Diamond Program Bonus Certification Courses and features included

  • 25 % Discount on all the SSV Yoga online courses 

  • Lifetime Support and Access to Course & Updates

Note:Below departure dates are for our Online Teacher Training course, which can be completed at your own pace within a period ranging from 6-8 weeks to 2 years, based on your preference

Note - Offer ends SOON

Note: Students who are dedicated and have good conduct throughout the course will get a chance to make it to Elite Students List and win free 3 Days Yoga Retreat Costa Rica and Exclusive Internship Opportunities to teach with SSV Yoga 

Date and Schedule

Date & Schedule

Date for Upcoming Online Multistyle 200 hours YTTC

Sample Schedule 

  • The course is Self-Paced i.e

  • Make your own schedule, practice at your own pace & convenience.

  • Will not be fully recorded,

  • Optional Daily Zoom Live Practice Sessions & Weekends Interactive Workshops, Q&A sessions 

  • Always recorded in case you miss it or for future reference

  • Full Student Support (Via Live Sessions + Email + Mentor Support)

  • Course Duration is 6-8 Weeks but you have the option to complete up to 2 years from joining

(Note*: 2 years completion date is applicable for students who joined after 1 Jan 2023)

Why Should I Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher?


  • Create an Impact 

  • Forget Boring & Unfulfilling Jobs and give a real purpose to your life.

  • Yoga teaching offers Meaning and Purpose to your and your student's Life.

  • Help students achieve Flexibility, Strength, Relive Stress and Restore their Health.

  • Become a Respected Leader in your Community. 

  • Freedom:

  • Live life on your terms.

  • Teach online or choose from studios, gyms, or fitness centers.

  • A lot of opportunities to teach in schools, medical facilities, and sports clubs as well.

  • Vibrant Peer Group 

  • Have a vibrant peer group that is

  • Health-oriented, passionate about learning, and adventurous.  

  • A positive peer group will help bring out the best parts of you.

  • Amazing Career Opportunities 

  • CNN ranked ‘Yoga Instructor’ as one of the top 10 careers on list of top 100 jobs 

  • The median pay of around $ 50-75 per hour

  • Great demand than supply of qualified yoga instructors making it an amazing career option. 

  • Adventure & Travel 

  • Becoming a Certified International Yoga Teacher

  • Allows traveling around the globe.

  • Teach on cruise ships, yachts, health resorts, and 5-star hotels.

  • Great opportunity to work and an excuse to travel around the globe.

  • B​e Your Boss / a freelancer.

  • Set up your classes, workshops, retreats, or open a studio.

  • Complete freedom to choose your path.

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