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Yoga Alliance Approved Course 

  • Imp Note : Due to Pandemic Worldwide

  • Yoga Alliance has Approved the Yoga Teacher Trainings to be held Completely Online till 2023.

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized Provider of Online Teacher Trainings till 2023

  • There is No Difference between In-person and Online Trainings , Even on Certificate

Why Should I Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher?

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Yoga Alliance

  • Create an Impact 

  • Forget Boring & Unfulfilling Jobs and give a real purpose to your life.

  • Yoga teaching offers Meaning and Purpose to your and your students Life.

  • Help students achieve Flexibility, Strength, Relive Stress and Restore their Health.

  • Become a Respected Leader in your Community. 

  • Freedom:

  • Live life on your own terms.

  • Teach online or choose from studios, gyms or fitness center.

  • Lot of opportunities to teach in schools, medical facilities and sports clubs as well.

  • Vibrant Peer Group 

  • Have a vibrant peer group that is

  • Health oriented, passionate about learning and adventurous.  

  • A positive peer group will help bring out the best parts of you.

  • Amazing Career Opportunities 

  • CNN ranked ‘Yoga Instructor’ as one of the top 10 career on list of top 100 jobs 

  • Median pay of around $ 50-75 per hour

  • Great demand than supply of qualified yoga instructors making it an amazing career option. 

  • Adventure & Travel 

  • Becoming a Certified International Yoga Teacher

  • Gives opportunity to travel around the globe.

  • Teach on cruise ships, yachts, health resorts and 5 star hotels.

  • Great opportunity to work and an excuse to travel around the globe.

  • B​e Your Own Boss / a freelancer.

  • Setup own classes, workshops, retreats or open a studio.

  • Complete freedom to choose  your own path.

Suitable for Students & Yoga Teacher with Foundation Level Yoga Practice


  • On Completing 200 & 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • You become 500 hour Yoga Teacher 

  • 500 Hr RYT is the Highest Credential you can get from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school.

  • 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Designation shows that

  • You are an Advanced level Yoga Teacher and helps

  • Stand out from crowd of 200 Hr yoga teachers.

  • 300 Hr also Deepens your own Personal & Teaching practice by

  • Learn & Teach 7 Yoga Styles including

  • Restorative, Yin, Chair, Ashtanga, Power,

  • Intermediate & Advanced (Hatha, Vinyasa)

  • With Several other modules - Full details below in syllabus !


Featured SSV Yoga Graduates

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IS Online Training for Me ?

  • SSV Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Authorized provider of Online Yoga Teacher Trainings till 2023 

  • No difference between In-Person and Online Yoga Teacher Trainings even on certificate

  • Initially before the start of pandemic we never believed that yoga training can be taught online

  • But with over 2 years of experience in conducting Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

  •  Having hundred of Graduates worldwide (45 + Countries & 6 Continents )

  • We can confidently answer 'YES'

  • Flexibility - Ability to do your yoga training and get your certification along with 9-5 Job 

  • No need to Leave your Job ,kids or other commitments to get away for a month long in person training

  • Self Paced- No pressure to complete your training within 3 weeks.

  • Take your own sweet time for your yoga training journey

  • Option to watch videos and practice as many times you want

  • Create and Go at your own Pace and Schedule

  • Mobility - All you need is just an Internet Connection and

  • Practice anytime and from anywhere in the world

  • Easy on The Pockets - Quality In person training cost excess of  $3500,

  • Get same content and certification at a cost-effective price 

  • Who Will Correct Me ?

  • Full Support - We provide 3 Tier Student Support , so you never feel left out

  • Optional Zoom Live Classes (Weekends) always recorded for reference

  • Support via Email

  • Option to send photos , videos for evaluation for personalized feedback

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

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Yoga Alliance

Note - Advanced Poses will be taught but they will be optional for your practice and exams, you will not be judged for test on basis of advanced poses. The main aim of 300 Hr Advanced Training is to expose you to 7 Different Styles of Yoga - Deepen your practice and help you become a better teacher.

  • Classical & Authentic HATHA Yoga (Intermediate , Advanced)

  • Modern VINYASA Flow Yoga (Intermediate, Advanced )

  • YIN Yoga Training

  • RESTORATIVE Yoga Training

  • POWER Yoga Training

  • CHAIR Yoga Training

  • ASHTANGA Yoga Training

  • Correct your Body Posture , Improve Core Strength, Flexibility & Boost Immunity

  • Learn Correct Alignment & Adjustment of Poses

  • Learn Modifications & Use of Props for injuries / limitations ,

  • Learn Art of Cueing, Sequencing and Transitions

  • Benefits & Contradictions of Poses

  • Guided Practice integrated with Breath & Counts

 Yoga Asanas
(Learn & Teach 7

Advanced Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

  • Learn & Practice 7 Major Yoga Breathing Techniques

  • Learn to Breathe (Yogic Breathing ) & Utilize Lungs Efficiently

  • Unlock Dormant Pranic Energy 

  • Science of Benefits & Contradictions

  • Guided Practice of Breathing Techniques with Counts, Ratios

  • Practice with Energy Locks (Bandhas)

  • Learn about breath retention 

  • Mudras (Hand Seals / Gestures)

  • Major Body Systems & their functioning (Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine , Circulatory )

  • Yoga Anatomy of  Feet, Legs, Hips, Pelvis, Shoulder, Spine 

  • Subtle Yoga Anatomy 7 Chakras, Nadis (Subtle Energy Channels), Prana (Vital Life Force)

  • Subtle Yoga Science & Secrets

  • Understand how body works (Yoga Perspective)

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Detailed Anatomy breakdown analysis guide  of Different Asanas / Postures

  • Working with Injuries

Yoga Anatomy

Studying in the Library
Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle
  • History of Yoga Science ,Real Meaning & Different Pathways

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra

  • 8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga ( A guide to be a yogi in real life)

  • Shri Bhagavad Gita (Guide to live a happy & spiritual life)

  • Incorporate Ancient Yogic Principles Practically to live a Happy & Healthy Life

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle

Becoming a Teacher

  • Ethics & Yoga as Profession

  • How to be Great Teacher & Lead a Great Class

  • Time Management Skills & Sequencing a Complete Class

  • Demonstration, Observation & Correction

  • Real Time Teaching Experience

  • Personalized Feedback & Review

  • How to start your own yoga studio / classes

  • Marketing Tips & Strategies

  • Consultation with Marketing Experts

  • Different Yogic Meditation Techniques & their Guided Practice

  • Experience Yoga Nidra ( Deep Meditative State)

  • Experience of Benefits

  • Remove Blockages (Mental & Emotional)

  • Yogic Healing

  • Increased Awareness

  • Discovery of Mental Peace, Inner Calmness & Happiness

Advanced Yogic Meditation

How Your Training Journey Works

STEP 1: Start by Filling Up Application Form

  • Start with Application Form by filling out relevant details.

  • You will receive Acceptance Email with details within 1-7 Hours of application

  • Check your Inbox for email if not then look in spam / promotions/ junk folder or contact us for status update

  • You can then Pay to complete your registration.

  • Once paid you will get detailed email with information including

  • Access to Platform - Course Videos, Notes, & class schedule


Alternate to Step 1 

  • As an Alternative to Step 1 

  • You could Directly PAY & Register to Start your Course

STEP 2: Start Your Yoga Training Journey

  • After Payment & registration you can start with your Yoga Training immediately.

  • Complete your course within 8-12 Weeks or take till 2023 end to complete course, assignments & final exam .

  • Classes will be mix of Pre-recorded videos and Optional Zoom Live Guided Practice , Q&A sessions.

  • All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Step 3Graduation & Certification

  • To receive the widely recognized Yoga Alliance 300 Hr Yoga Teacher certificate

  • Complete your course, assignments and also submit video teaching as a yoga teacher for final exam.

  • Complete course within 8-12 Weeks or take till 2023 end to complete course, assignments & final exam

  • On clearing your exam you will get certificate in PDF format and you are a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • With the certification you can register with Yoga Alliance as 300 Hr RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher

  • If You have already completed 200 Hr then you can register as 500 Hr RYT


  • Upon Successful Completion of the Course & Exam Evaluation 

  • You will receive a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate (Pdf Format)

  • There is no difference between In person and Online Certification 

  • You can Register with Yoga Alliance as a 300 Hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 

  • If you have already completed 200 Hr then you become 500 Hr Yoga Teacher

  • Teach as a professional certified yoga teacher all over the world.

In ADDITION to Yoga Teacher Certification you will also get

  • SSV Yoga Ayurveda Level-1 Certification

  • (If you choose Diamond / Ruby Plan)

*Bonus scheme applicable since 1 Jan 2022

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  • Investing in your OWN Self

  • Health , Lifestyle, Career & Professional education

  • Is  Best Investment Decision you can make in your life.

  • Most graduates earn-back their tuition within a few weeks of teaching as a Certified Yoga Teacher

  • The health and lifestyle benefits are Life -Changing


  • *This Yoga Instructor Training Course costs a lot more physically,

  • Due to solidarity with current world situation we are offering once a lifetime opportunity to do online version at discounted prices.(See Prices in Table Below)


  • Note*: There will be separate evaluation charges of USD $65 for evaluation of final exam.

1 Day free Trial Available
  • The Quality, Efforts and Experience of Teachings

  • Reflects in the price of our Professional training courses.

  • "Price is what you pay and value is what you get".

  • Get Authentic & Premium content and learn from the best.

  • This is not just another cheap course but a life & career changing 'INVESTMENT'.

  • So Invest wisely today to transform your Career, Health, Lifestyle tomorrow.


  • Students & Graduates across 6 Continents & 45+ Countries

  • Read our AUTHENTIC  Graduate Reviews and learn about their life transforming experiences

Yoga Pose


Includes Online 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 

(Special Sales Price)

$ 1800

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 900 Each

3 Installment USD $ 600 Each

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Includes Online 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 + Bonus Pack 2

(Special Sales Price)

$ 2100

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 1050 Each

3 Instalment USD $ 700 Each

Image by Dane Wetton


Includes Online 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + Bonus Pack 1 + Bonus Pack 2+ Bonus Pack 3 

(Special Sales Price)

$ 2400

Can PAY :

2 Installment USD $ 1200 Each

3 Installment USD $ 800 Each

Coupon Code: YLIFE2022

Read About Bonus Plans Below :

Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

Bonus Pack 1



  • Restorative Yoga Training

  • Yin Yoga Training

  • Chair Yoga Training

  • Power Vinyasa Yoga Training

  • Ashtanga Yoga Training

  • Advanced Poses 

  • Intro Ayurveda (Ancient Science of Life)

  • 50+ Free Ready Class Sequences to teach

  • Free Yoga Instructor Resume & Cover letter Templates

  • Yoga Marketing Consultancy

  • Free Sample Waiver of Liability

  • Free Sample new Yoga Client intake & health history form

  • Chance to win SSV Graduate+ Exclusive Mentor-ship Program 

  •  Full Bonus Pack 1 included (In addition to) :

  • Ayurveda Level 1 Course with certification  

  • Chakra Therapy Course 

  • Personal Certified Mentor to guide and support you through the course

  • Personalized Yoga Marketing & Business Consultancy with Expert  

  • Personalized Ayurveda Consultancy with expert 

  • 3 Exclusive* Live Zoom sessions with teacher where you can ask any questions you have regarding any posture , personalized attention / feedback correction of posture and teaching guidance 

Free Bonus
worth ($ 999)

Bonus Pack 1+2+3

  • FULL BONUS PACKS 1 & 2 included (In addition to) :

  • Stress & Anxiety Management Course

  • 1 Free Personalized Yoga Website Designing 

  • Total 5 Exclusive* Live Zoom sessions with teacher where you can ask any questions you have regarding any posture , personalized attention / feedback correction of posture and teaching guidance 

  • 25 % Discount on all the SSV Yoga online courses 

  • Lifetime Access to Course 

  • Best Value Pack (Recommended)

Note : Students who are dedicated and have good conduct throughout the course will get chance to make it to Elite Students List and win free 3 Days Yoga Retreat Costa Rica and Exclusive Internship Opportunities to teach with SSV Yoga 


Date & Schedule

Date for Upcoming Online Multistyle 300 hours YTTC

Sample Schedule 

  • The course is Self-Paced i.e

  • Make your own schedule and practice at your own pace & convenience.

  • It will not be fully recorded ,

  • Optional Zoom Live Guided Practice & Interactive Q&A Doubt sessions (On Weekends)

  • Always recorded in case you miss or for future reference

  • Full Student Support ( Via Live Weekend Sessions + Email )

  • Course Duration is 8-12 Weeks but you have option to complete the course till 2023* end