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Online Ayurveda Level 1 
Foundation Training course 

Natural Medicine

Ayurveda means 'Science of Life'.Its an ancient science 5,000 years old with secrets to holistic healing and living a healthy life. 

Course Overview

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life (More than 5,000 Years Old) which contains hidden secrets to lead a healthy and happy life in sync with nature . That is use of nature and its elements to heal as well as evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. Ayurveda is a vast science study of which requires multiple years , thus this course would be Introductory in nature with very useful foundational and practical knowledge 

Practical Curriculum

      What will you learn 

Introduction , History & Origins of Ayurveda

 3 Main Ayurvedic Doshas and their attributes (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

Learn Identifying your own Dosha and imbalances

Understand principles of 5 Elements (Panch Mahabhuta) with Ayurveda perspective  (their qualities, actions and subtle energies)

Important Herbs as per Ayurveda and their practical uses ( Immunity, Vitality & Healing) 

Process of Detoxification (Panch Karma) introduction as per ayurveda

Advanced Breathing Techniques (Prāṇāyāma) &  Mudrās (Hand Seals) from Ayurveda perspective

1 FREE Consultation with Ayurvedic expert

Practical application of Ayurveda in your every daily life (Dincharya)

Learn the subtle facets of Ayurveda that are rarely known and taught elsewhere 

Learn Authentic Ayurveda Principles from the real source i.e Himalayan Yogic Tradition. 


Date & Schedule

Dates for Upcoming Online Ayurveda & Meditation Foundation Course

Date & Schedule

Course Fee

Investing in your own education is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Learn ancient science of wellness and transform your health.


*This comprehensive course is priceless, but in solidarity with the current world situation, we are offering the online version for only USD $ 500. A small token for your overall well being




Upon successful completion of all the lessons and final assessments , you will receive a SSV Yoga  (Ayurveda Level-1 ) Training Certificate of completion BUT the real certificate will be to learn this ancient sciene of wellness and applying it practically to transform our life. 

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