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To Become a Certified Yoga Teacher by filling up the payment form below. 

Please Note: The "departure date" refers to the Start Date of your Online Training. This terminology is used for technical reasons. You have the flexibility to complete your training anytime between 4 weeks and up to 2 years, depending on your personal schedule. Multiple start dates are available to suit your convenience.

For more payment-related queries, please refer to the payment FAQs section below.

Payment FAQ

FAQs about Payments & Registration for Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • What do you mean by "trip"? The training is online, right?

    • Absolutely, the training is 100% online. In this context, "trip" refers to your journey or experience throughout the online yoga teacher training course.

  • What do you mean by "departure date"?

    • The "departure date" is the start date for your online yoga teacher training. We offer multiple start dates, giving you the flexibility to begin your journey at a time that suits you best.However, please be aware that our discount offers are available for a limited time only

  • What if I want to start on a future date?

    • You're welcome to start your training at a future date since the program is online and on-demand. There are multiple start date options available. However, please be aware that our discount offers are available for a limited time only.

  • What do you mean by "trip duration of 30 days"?

    • The reference to a "trip duration" of 30 days is for convenience only. You have the option to complete the course in as little as 6 weeks or extend your learning up to 2 years from your chosen start date. Our program is designed to accommodate your pace.

  • Can I take more than 30 days to complete the course?

    • Yes, you certainly can. While some students may finish the course in 6-8 weeks, you have the flexibility to take up to 2 years to complete your training.

  • How do I set up a payment plan?

    • To set up a payment plan, simply click on menu bar ”Enroll Now," then "Payment Plans." After selecting your start date, choose your package quantity, and scroll down to find the payment options. You'll see two choices: "Pay Amount Due" and "Pay Full Amount." Select "Pay Amount Due" and proceed by clicking on "Continue."

  • Can I start my course after making the first deposit?

    • Yes, you're eligible to begin your training after the first payment is made. However, full access to the entire course content, including all bonuses, will be granted only after the full payment has been received.

  • What happens once I make a payment?

    • Upon completing your payment, you'll receive an email confirmation with a payment receipt and access to our online course platform. Here, you'll find all necessary course materials, HD videos, zoom live session schedules, notes, downloadable PDFs, etc., allowing you to start your yoga journey.

  • Can you tell me more about the payment platform "We Travel"?

    • We Travel is a secure and user-friendly payment platform designed for yoga course bookings. It ensures a smooth and straightforward payment process, allowing you to focus on your upcoming yoga teacher training journey without any hassle.

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