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Vegan The Ideal Lifestyle

Everyone has heard about the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. But some people are not aware of what vegan are or only have a faint idea about it. This article will advocate you on what the vegan diet is and what its environmental and health benefits are.

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet or a plant-based diet is a diet where you don’t eat animal products including meat, fish, eggs, honey gelatin and dairy products. And veganism is not just a diet, it’s a way – an art – of living where you save yourself and the world from all this barbaric evil that surrounds it. Many people haven’t turned vegan yet because of their ignorance but it is the best choice out there. A lot of celebrities, too, have turned vegan after learning how brutal the animal industry is and they actively promote the benefits of turning vegan.

The False Veganism Conundrum

Contrary to the belief that vegan food is that vegan food can’t be found easily and the conversion is very difficult. But millions of testimonials suggest otherwise. Sure, the first couple months you would face a difficulty of searching for alternatives and places where you can buy them. Everyone that turned vegan has said that once that had been done, once they established a routine, it was a piece of cake (but with almond milk). They don’t miss the meat or the cheese.

There are any stores that sell vegan ingredients. Difficulty in learning how to make a food? There are millions of recipes. But sometimes you want to eat outside? There have been a lot of vegan restaurants made in the last few years, it’s really easy to find one near you.

The Heath Aspect

“As I improved my diet, I started to learn to love my self, probably for the first time ever.”

Due to the lifestyle that we follow in this era, we have become extremely vulnerable and therefore very susceptible to diseases. There are ways of avoiding this, though and veganism is by far the best choice due to its exceptional benefits to one’s health.

Vegan Food is Sufficiently Nutritious

The rumor of vegan food not being healthy enough is just that – a rumor. Vegan diet, if followed correctly, is as nutritious as any other. The necessary vitamins and proteins are present in plants as well. And the myth about not being able to build a great body when not including meat should be long debunked by now. It was observed that vegans consumed more fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium and less saturated fat.

Lower rate of Diseases

In 2009, the American Journal reported that vegans had lower body weights, blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol, which is why, conclusively, being a vegan decreases a chance of you getting any diseases. There are also a lot of diseases that are acquired due to consumption of animals and their products. The current pandemic was caused due to one of them! If only the Chinese were vegans, well, a lot of things would be better. It is proven for a fact that we can’t get diseases from a plant because the ones that they get are way different and have no significant effect on the people who consume them by mistake. It lowers the risk of you having diabetes Type II because it controls your insulin sensitivity. Most of the diabetic people who later (after diagnosis) started eating vegan food were able to reduce their diabetic medication!

It helps in weight reduction

There’s precedent as well as scientific proof backing this. A vegan diet does help in reducing weight. Due to the lower consumption of fats and cholesterol, there is a lesser chance of you to have additional of it stored under your skin. There are several stories on the internet about people losing weight from vegan diets and how it has additionally improved their health more than just the weight aspect of it.

The Environmental Aspect

We have been getting drastic signals for improving the nature but the pandemic has been a wake-up call for people who were unfamiliar with the threat till now. Here are some shocking well-known facts about why turning vegan is going to be a quintessential choice that one can make.

1. Animal agriculture is the one that’s responsible for destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the rainforest the world’s largest rainforest that houses the most diverse ecosystem.

2. If you consume meat, you are responsible for drinking 15,000 liters of water in a day on average, the water that could be really paramount to some countries where several die because of drought and starvation.

3. You would save more water by not eating meat for a day than by not taking shower for six months.

4. The waste of chicken cattle and hog had once polluted 35000 miles of rivers in 22 states.

5. You would need 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat and 5 pounds of wild-caught fish to make 1 pound of farmed fish.

6. One steak requires 7,500 liters of water to produce.

The harm done by the animal industry is unparallel. It is destroying the planet. Thousands of ecosystems are being phenomenally disturbed as man has decided to play god. And for those who claim that we should eat meat because we were made omnivores: That was when eating animals was done for survival and when the population wasn’t what it is now; when animals weren’t extinct; it was then, that you ate animals. But now, eating animals is just because they are ‘yummy’ and because ‘Oh my god, I can’t live without bacon in my life’. Eating animals is destroying the very own planet that we live on. How would you eat bacon if there was no planet left for you to live on?

The Humane Aspect

“Behind every beautiful fur coat, there is a story. It is a bloody, barbaric story.” -Mary Tyler Moore

This is the truth about the Animal Industry and you have to face it: The animal industry is the most inhumane and brutal of all. We have evolved and gained understanding about various things but this is where people become Neanderthals; regressing towards an idea that we should have abandoned way before. And the regression has added form of brutal cruelty where only the most heartless and cold people exist.

Animal cruelty is not a small matter or a laughing stock that can be dismissed with a flick of a hand. It’s a very serious issue which needs to be addressed.

The animal that you are now eating or wearing had been alive and it had gone through more trauma than you ever would. It was fed to the point that it almost burst and then when they reached a certain mass, they were butchered brutally. Butchered for meat, skin and whatnot when they wailed and whimpered.

Animals are injected with hormones that aren’t doing much for their health – quite the opposite – so that the milk is more, they lay more eggs that are of a certain color, so that their meat is thicker and better. They are butchered, slaughtered, skinned, beaten, hurled, harassed and tortured inhumanely. Their off-springs are killed and taken away from them. They are stuffed in those obnoxious, stuffy cages where they can hardly breathe.

Now imagine if that was a human, if that was you. Since the time that you were born, you were kidnapped. You would be in grown in those horrible conditions along with others that had faced the same fortune. Then as you grew up, you were fed things that would really mess up with your health. They would torture you whilst you were there. They would feed you until you were just shy of vomiting it all out. And finally, they would stuff you right back in those cages and would kill you through the most inhumane ways possible. And all this while, you couldn’t have said a word. You would have to just tolerate and accept your fate as you remained bound by painstaking chains.

If a person would do this to another person for cannibalism, he would be though of as a really deeply and truly disturbed person who had no right to continue his life in this world. Yet, when it is done to those animals, millions of people support it.

It is very important that people realize that yes, one person CAN make a huge impact. So, if you know the consequences by think that it’s not going to make a change, you’re wrong. And there are several examples where people changed the world just by their sheer will power and might. And contrary to what you think – you always have a choice.

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