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Yoga And its Spirituality

Humans vary in innumerous ways but there are some fundamentals that link this race together and keep it running. For survival of this race, each individual in it requires 5 types of intimacies in their lives and they are emotional, intellectual, physical, experiential and finally, spiritual. The interesting thing about these is that one almost never experiences spiritual intimacy as much as they need to. Out of all of these, spiritual is the one that can heal the imbalance as well as complete the circle. To lead a perfect life, one must interact spiritually with themselves amongst other things. And the best way to achieve this is through the ancient science and art that’s yoga.

Why one needs spiritual intimacy in their lives

When one embarks on this remarkable journey of self-exploration through Yoga, they don’t have a clue as to how reveling this is going to be. The matter of spirituality is the matter of prime importance. Everything that people strive to achieve in their life becomes extremely simple once they are in contact with their spiritual sense because spirituality encompasses of all the things one needs to gain anything in life. It consists of a journey where there’s self-exploration, self-realization, wisdom, clarity, vision, direction, inner peace, gratitude, solitude, satisfaction and emotional intelligence. They are completely invulnerable. They have broken the walls of restriction around them as they surrendered to those walls, rising as a new person entirely because of the insight and revelation gained.

Present Outlook on Yoga

Yoga, if done correctly, never disappoints. You will surely attain the spirituality that you need in your life. Yoga consists of principles and disciplines that form a sound structure to help you with the journey leading to eternal peace.

Yoga asanas and pranayama are all founded and based on the question: what is the purpose of life. Hindu sages and saints had been searching for the answer. Even now, humankind looks for answer to that question, most people not knowing that it is already been addressed by Yoga.

Presently, Yoga is portrayed in a way that highlights more of its physical benefits rather than the spiritual ones. When one starts practicing the art and science of Yoga, one gets to connect with their body, to know the inner workings of their physical being and this finely tunes their health. Actively and correctly using these meditations and asanas are going to greatly change their physical and mental health due to the constant flow and flexibility that their body achieves due to practicing Yoga.

Barriers Broken by Yoga

Healing the body is not the endgame of Yoga, though, it is just one of the major benefits. Yoga initially breaks the physical barriers of your body. Modern lifestyle doesn’t permit your body to be perfectly physically healthy and that can come in the path of attaining the spirituality. If the organs in your body are at war with themselves, it would be difficult to function synchronously and perform they way God designed it to. It would interrupt your procedure towards spirituality. So, it breaks that barrier.

It then continues to bring you in touch with your feelings and emotions. It makes you realize what your emotions are regarding to the particular events. It connects you firmly with what you feel and gives you a certain clarity about your feelings and thoughts. Unless you can’t determine the source of your negative feelings, you can’t let go of them. If you are angry and don’t know why, you go into a deeper trap, being confused, conflicted, fearful, anxious and outrageous about where that anger stems from. But Yoga helps you recognize those emotions and their source. It later assists in non-achievement: letting go of all the emotions that are no longer positively serving you. If you can let go of those thoughts, you will feel peace and relief, repairing and improving your mental health.

Spirituality in Yoga

Finally, after you have gained peace over your body and mind, Yoga approaches the spirituality. At first, it gently taps into it. One has to go a long way to be spiritually connected to themselves and their surroundings but Yoga somehow accelerates that by a little. The barriers broken, your path to spirituality is open.

Spirituality is about breaking the barriers that limit and cage you. Spiritual experiences vary for everyone for the same reason. If you take a person who lives and thrives in a city to a quiet beach, they might find that spiritual. But it wouldn’t be the same for someone who has always been living by the beach. Their spiritual experience would probably be in the middle of the city, standing along amidst a different kind of chaos than they are ever exposed to.

With Yoga, you start coming closer to the end of the tunnel and you see light. Yoga encompasses of Mudras and Pranayama that help you become limitless, help you expanding and breaking the things that bound you. You become conscious of yourself and the things around you and you start to see things with clarity. Every decision you have to make becomes a piece of cake because even though the world is full of grey areas, the clarity you gained helps you see through all of that, helps you imagine the bigger picture. It gives purpose to your life.

Yoga helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel and also guides you in escaping that tunnel as it holds the light on the other side. You no longer feel conflicted with yourself. You feel deeply and more freely and at the same time. You are the tree that stands tall after a storm that has uprooted everything else, because you are in tune with yourself and the things that surround you. You can’t be ridden over or controlled by anything as you are able to see past those things.

You would be able to stand in the middle of the busiest street of the world and not be phased by the overwhelming inputs of sensory information overloading your brain. You would be able to channel your focus on everything and nothing at the same time and be at peace, your mind quiet, even amongst the cacophony of chaos and sounds surrounding you.

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