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Importance of Yoga and Ayurveda during COVID Times

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Time to Regress

Regression is usually a bad thing, has a negative connotation, but in this case, we need to regress. Regress to our ancient forms, our roots of medicinal practices. Yoga roots to the ancient philosophy and that is probably why it has this amount of scientific validity. Yoga and Ayurveda are practices that are widely renowned and accepted in the world for their plethora of benefits. There’s been a debate going on about their credibility since they have been acquainted with the rest of the world, but there’s enough scientific support to suggest that these practices are one of the best that are present.

In the difficult COVID times, people have been finding it difficult to cope with the limited exposure to human physical, experiential and intellectual intimacy. People have been frustrated and anxious due to the steep reduction in human contact.The awareness has a momentum that needs to be taken advantage of and used to educate ourselves in order to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from mental instability.


Due to these extremely painful times for most, one needs to find some sort of balance. The void caused from the withdrawal from physical, experiential and intellectual intimacy can only be filled by the presence of spiritual intimacy, one that is highly achievable by Yoga. You can connect with their mind, body and soul at the same time while also rooted to your present reality with this highly spiritual lifestyle, transforming their negative and disproportionate aura, their chi, into a calm, balanced and a tranquil one. We, at SSV Yoga Ashram, offer you exactly that with our Flagship 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course and 100 hours pre-yoga Teacher Training, with knowledgeable articles on Yoga and Ayurveda, along with excitable and extremely exhilarating retreats.

Yoga has exceptional benefits for mental health which have been backed up by numerous amounts of legitimate and proven research. Your mental health is the pinnacle of your lifestyle which could go a long way for you if you cherish and maintain it. Yoga essentially targets your nervous system, relieves you from the stress you have been carrying around with you, reduces your muscle tension, strain and muscle inflammation.

6 Ways in Which Yoga Improves Mental Health

Improves your mood

It is widely known that moderate to high levels of serotonin in your blood stream help you to alleviate your happiness. Yoga helps with exactly this. Yoga’s flexibility, its fluidity and naturalistic approach to heal your body stimulates the production and release of serotonin, the happy chemical,ultimately resulting in helping you with your mood.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

A study done by University of Utah showed that yoga can help a person regulate their stress levels. In the research, functional MRIs showed the lowest activity in the pain-related part of the brain. This indicates that yoga helps a great deal in stress inducing situation. Pranayama ( Advanced Breathing) is an extremely potent practice that soothes one’s mind and body, helping you achieve the calmness and peace you have always longed for.

Builds up Patience

The breathing exercises in Yoga would seem useless to an amateur’s mind but these exercises focus on a lot of aspects of your body. One additional thing it looks after is building up your patience. Yoga helps you in decluttering and clearing your mind, making it calmer. They

Finding inner peace

To be one with yourself, to have complete control over your mind, body and soul, you need to first let go of yourself, give over control. Yoga allows this transfer to happen fluently and flawlessly, finding you the exact balance that one needs to find their inner peace, to find themselves.

Helps you focus

Many health experts advise to take up yoga amongst other things to help narrow your focus. It is a great device that can help you with instrumenting your thoughts and categorizing them. In doing so, it also makes you eventually realize your priorities and hence indirectly benefits you in a way you wouldn’t have thought of.

Helps recovering from trauma

Traumas are caused deep, dark, horrible things that happen that worm in and find a way to bury deep into the conscious and the unconscious part of the brain. Meditation is a practice that helps interacting the mind and the body which assists in accessing the path to those gut-wrenching things that have been settled in, which helps a lot to bring the people back to what they used to be.


Ayurveda’s evidence tracing back to 6000 B.C., it was revealed to be one of the oldest and most practiced medicinal practices. Between now and then, Ayurveda has evolved but it’s very true to its roots.

Today’s struggles can only be tackled if faced with ingenuity and inattentiveness. The smart answer is not to try disproving Ayurveda but truly start believing in its power of healing. Today’s generation is very conflicted about Ayurveda, for it is something they do not have entire knowledge about.

Due to the pandemic, the attention that ayurvedic medicines are getting has hiked substantially and there’s a valid reason for the same. Ayurveda’s branch Bala is synonymous to the study of Ayurveda in Immunity.

Ayurveda encompasses of various elements. It’s well-known for its ailments, practices, beliefs and virtues. So, here are a few things according to Ayurveda that are going to really help you in boosting your immunity and hence preventing diseases to occur.


Ginger has copious uses and benefits, and some of them include boosting one’s immunity. Ayurveda emphasis on the medicinal benefits of ginger and a lot of ayurvedic medicines contain ginger. One shouldn’t consume too much ginger, because that can also be hazardous for your health. This is a very simple solution as one might not need to worry about how you could include it in your diet. Ginger tea is something all of us enjoy and fortunately for us, ginger is essential for taste in a lot of food that is consumed by us.

Ginger contains an immune modulating functional compound named gingerol which modify macrophage function, and hence directly affect immunity. Apart from being anti-bacterial, ginger is also anti-inflammatory.


Kadha is an ayurvedic immunity boosting drink and can be made in several different ways. Many people don’t believe in its power and it is mainly because there have been fake recipes created.

Kadhas have various different ingredients that have immuno modulators that will help in boosting immunity. Ministry of AYUSH is the one of the most trusted Ayurvedic ministry that provides valid and legitimate information for Ayurveda.


Dinacharya is one’s routine, what one does in the day. A healthy lifestyle is the answer to happiness and peace, for one can never be happy unless they are healthy. You must be wondering why this is on the list but there is a reason for it.

According to Ayurveda, there’s no better way to boost your immunity than to have a lifestyle that does good to your health.

The routine is not at all difficult as its not very distinctive from what the doctors might prescribe you. You should be eating organic food stuffs and ovoid junk food, you should exercise, do you pranayama and meditate regularly, have immunity boosters like Chyavanprash and Kadhas.

General Measures

There are a few things you should be doing daily for your health. And here are a few of them:

· Drinking warm water throughout the day. Boiling the water kills a lot of microorganisms that could have otherwise caused infections. It will also prevent

· You should gargle with warm water and salt once or twice a day. Gargling helps in cleaning out the bacteria present in the throat 24-48 hours before they enter the bloodstream.

· Meditating doesn’t only relieve stress and anxiety, but it turns out, it can also help you in buffing up your immunity. The many benefits of meditation make it very difficult to argue that we should keep 10 minutes in our daily routine for meditation.

In these times, we need to lean on to something. We need to go back to something for our mental and physical wellness, for this pandemic has a vast effect on both of those aspects of health. And right now, one of the best ways for us to gain the balance back, is to regress to the old times where Ayurveda and Yoga were dominating and thriving.

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